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Who we are

Spotlight Publishers (EA) Limited, formerly Target Publications Limited is one of the leading book publishing firms in East Africa region. The company established in September 2008, has grown by leaps and bounds to be a dominant publisher in the region due to its wide variety of popular educational book titles.

Vision of the Company

To be a dynamic, top-notch centre of publishing and delivery of high quality educational services to the society.

Mission of the Company

To publish and avail to the mass market quality educational products which offer holistic innovative educational services and promote creativity while inculcating societal values for both individual and academic development.

Our Mantra/Tagline

Spreading Light
“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the spotlight or the mirror that reflects it.”  - Edith Wharton -

Core Values


Our Intent

  • To serve our customers with educational materials that meet all the syllabus requirements.
  • To give our customers educational materials that are of high content quality, good quality print, excellent binding and firm covers.
  • To give priority to our customers by addressing their educational needs, serving them our products on time and ensuring easy accessibility of our products.
  • To be the unmatched publisher, producing high quality books.
  • To be the publisher producing educational materials that suit needs of learners and teachers.
  • To be a publisher that empowers the society by providing necessary study materials as well as providing employment opportunities.
  • To be the publishing firm that adds value to education.


Contact Us

Spotlight Publishers (E.A) Limited
Devan Plaza, 2nd Floor, Chiromo Road, Westlands
P.O. Box 13433-00800, Nairobi.
Tel: +254-20-4441345
Cell: +254-715-782341,
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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