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Our Brands and Titles

The company has produced a number of leading brands, which are revolutionising revision in both Primary and Secondary Schools. These brands are:

  • Spotlight Quick Revision(SQR) Series
    • For Primary School from class 1- class 8
    • For secondary School Form 1&2 and Form 3&4
  • KCPE Mirror Series
  • Kurunzi ya Marejeleo Halahala
    • Vitabu vya Shule ya Msingi: Darasa la 1 – 8
    • Vitabu vya Shule ya Upili: Kidato 1&2 na Kidato 3&4
  • KCSE Mirror Series
  • Torch Encyclopedia Series
  • Spotlight Question & Answer Series
  • Spotlight Coursebook (Uganda) Series

Unique Attributes of our Brands

  • Spotlight Quick Revision Series
    • This series has been uniquely designed to be of great help to learners in the Primary/Secondary School level. It serves as four books in one – Summarised Coursebook, Revision book, Workbook and Test Papers booklet.
    • Adequately covers specific class level syllabus for primary / combined classes syllabus for secondary.
    • Sufficient Termly Test Papers/ End-Year Test Papers.
    • Numerous Model Test Papers for thorough revision per level.
    • Accurate Answers to ALL questions.
  • KCPE & KCSE Mirror Series
    • Covers primary/secondary specific subject syllabus in one book for quick entire revision.
    • Brief topical notes and numerous topical exercises for practice.
    • Numerous KCPE/KCSE Model Test Papers for thorough revision.
    • Answers to ALL questions.
  • Spotlight Question and Answer Series
    • Each unit in each book of this series is presented in question form with answers provided for each question.
    • The questions and answers are presented in a format that strictly adheres to the syllabus outline.
    • Each unit is clearly and exhaustively summarised with well-researched unit questions.
    • The books have KCSE Model Test Papers covering current KCSE format of examination per subject.
    • Answers to all the KCSE Model Test Papers are provided at the back pages of the book to help students and teachers in the process of revision.
  • Torch Encyclopedia Series
    • This is a well-researched and revolutionary series which aims to help learners quickly revise for specific Class Syllabus content as well as KCPE examination.
    • Summarised topical notes in point form fully covering Class Syllabus content.
    • All subject topics presented in Terms I, II & III per subject.
    • Carefully researched Revision Exercises at the end of each unit.
    • End-of-Term Model Test Papers provided per subject.
    • Five KCPE Model Test Papers per subject for comprehensive revision.
    • Answers to all testing items provided at the back pages of the book.
  • Spotlight Coursebook (Uganda) Series
    • Themes and topics are arranged in regard to the termly syllabus outline.
    • All concepts and competences are addressed as per curriculum demand.
    • The books uphold learner-centred and inquiry-based approaches.
    • Cross-cutting issues such as gender balance, patriotism etc have been addressed.
    • Summary Assessment Exercises (Revision Exercises) and PLE Model Test Papers are provided.

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